Morley Koffman
Morley Koffman, Q.C.
Koffman Kalef LLP Business Lawyers

Our lawyers are listed below. Click on any of the names listed to view a particular lawyer's area of practice and personal profile.

Jasmin Z. Ahmad
Jim M.J. Alam
Alex Bayer
Kristina A. Davies
Banreet Garcha
Christopher P. Graham
Patrick J. Julian
Andrew G. Kadler
Michael M. Kalef
D. Wendy Lee
Daniel B. Newfield
Robert I. Parsons
David S. Pedlow
Shawn A. Poisson
Bernard G. Poznanski
Frank W. Quo Vadis
Daniel S. Remick
Douglas A. Side
Erin K. Tait
Leslie A. Tucker
Thomas Wachowski
Andrea J. Wales
Mark E. Wong
Stanley Wong
Jennifer L. Wriley
Victoria Wu
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